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hello. if you follow me on twitter you’d know (or not if you dont pay attention) that i accidentally deleted my save file on animal crossing new leaf while doing a system transfer the other day.

it absolutely sucks and i hate myself. not only did i lose months worth of progress (i got the game at midnight on it’s release date) i also lost my favorite villager/the love of my life, colton the horse. ;——;

my new town is alright. one of my other favorites from my old town, rod, is there so i’m happy about that. plus i have two hamster villagers in my town now which i didn’t have last time. but it still feels weird and empty without colton.. he was like The Trademark Character of my town. so, idk, i just wanted to make this post because i am desperate to have colton move back to desuwood before it fills up. if there’s anyone out there who has him in their town and is willing to let him move out OR if he’s already in boxes on his way out…PLEASE let me know. it would mean the WORLD to me. i don’t have much since i just restarted my game but i promise i’ll make it up to you somehow. ;;;;;;

(also a signal boost would be appreciated <3)